A Simple Javascript Library Design

When building a JavaScript library, you may find yourself on some code architecture issues. Should I use a constructor function, maybe with a prototype inheritance, isolating in a module or a mix of all of this? A library should have a well-defined public interface and protect itself from a carelessly programmer. In this post, I’m going to build a super simple library to illustrate some code designs ...

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How I Made My Blog with Github, Jekyll and Material Design

How I made my blog with Github, Jekyll and Material Design cover image

Every day we learn new technologies, we know more about what we thought we knew everything and we solve problems. But most of the time, this knowledge is not passed forward, sometimes it only arrives to our coworkers. Thinking about it, I decided (finally) to create my blog. I decided not to use a out of the box blog, but to build one from scratch to learn something. This post talks about this experience and this blog where you are is the result ...

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